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4 Key Points for a Winning Brand Awareness Strategy

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4 key Points for a Winning Brand Awareness Strategy

In a digital age when consumer choices begin with research and transactions are reliant on good relationships, having an effective brand awareness strategy is important.

Nowadays, corporations strive hard to cover all bases in an effort to remain relevant. Long gone are the days when brand awareness rested with the advertising and PR teams; now, corporations need to ensure that they unfold themselves throughout numerous touch points in an effort to hold people ‘conscious’ of their presence.

This is because customers now comfortably engage with brands and individuals through several social platforms. The internet has absolutely transformed our relationships not only with our friends and families and but also, with the brands we buy from. Hence, firms need to take advantage of it or risk losing out.

If you are still unsure of what is at stake, take this into account; Two-thirds of all consumers frequently use more than one channel to make purchases, and clients who save on multiple channels have a 30 percent better lifetime value than folks who save on only one. To make sure you are present across board, here are 5 key points for a winning brand awareness strategy.

1. Content marketing

Content is King online and is constantly tipped as being one of the precious guns in a entrepreneur’s arsenal. A part reason for this is a phenomenon dubbed “display blindness”. Millions of people now use ad blockers, hence most display advertisements can at most assume to attract a 0.07 percent CTR, and a huge percent of that is attributed to the “fats thumb syndrome”.

Conversely, content is digested with an insatiable appetite. When content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing, it generates greater than three times as many leads. People who are nicely versed within the art and inclined to dedicate time to get better at it also are likely to gain. Content marketing experts enjoy 7.8 times greater web traffic than non-experts, so it is by far something really worth investing in as part of your brand awareness strategy.

2. Build a social presence

With brands, nothing says ‘awareness’  like social media. 90 percent of teenagers (between ages 18 to 29) use social media and there is a whole lot of proof to indicate older generations are starting to catch up (especially ages 25 t0 34 and 65+). In many instances, social media advertising and marketing is free, but to enjoy an increased engagement rate and get your brand messages in front of a larger target audience, having a proper knowledge of paid strategy will inevitably pay off.

3. Native advertising

On search, native advertising looks like paid search results which displays when users type in keywords that you want to associate your brand with . On social, it is nicely placed and engaging content that shows up on the timelines of prospective clients.

However, one of the awesome approaches to promote native advertising is on digital publications. With full-size reach and an already engaged target audience, using content to market your brand can be a really powerful way of getting your brand message accessible and would boost brand awareness.

4. Optimize your website

In relation to brand awareness, some of the handiest techniques starts on your website. Optimizing a website can be an effective way of increasing your visibility online.

Having a properly optimized website that is visible on search and is easy for users to use can work wonders on your brand. Also, including content that engages users will help improve people’s perceptions of who you are. Relevant blog posts and interactive content materials are always a winner, so get thinking about what truly matters to your audience.

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