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Four (4) Business Goals You Should Set In 2017

It is the start of the New Year and I believe there is no better time to set your business goals and targets than now. A goal is simply something you want to achieve. So the question is what do you intend to achieve in your business in 2017? What should your business goals for 2017 be?

In this article, are four (4) goals you should set for your business in 2017:

  1. Brand Improvement and Development:

    Your most valuable asset is your brand. Your brand is an embodiment of your Unique Value Proposition. It is more than logos, colors, slogan etc. Your brand image determines how successful your business will be in the long run. This 2017, make it a priority to improve your brand image and perception.

    Let your branding be consistent and geared towards growth, uphold your brand promise, and keep your customers delighted. If you need to rebrand then by all means do. You need your brand to be outstanding. Therefore, your brand development is definitely a priority on your list of business goals.

  2. Define Your Customer Base:

    In business, no two customers are of the same value. Some are more valuable than the others. In 2017, you need to know your customer base and know their value. Provide the necessary customer service to nurture and retain new and existing customers.  Focus on building and managing customer relationships and loyalty. Also, understand your buyer personas so that you can successfully target customers that would enhance your business growth.

  3. Maintain and control cash flow:

    Finance problem is a rather common setback businesses encounter. 2017 should be the year you have total control of your finance.  Your pricing should be such that will attract customers. Your major customers should be the ones with the best profit value (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take other customers seriously.) improve your budget with a profit-centric strategy.

  4. SMART Business and Marketing Objectives:

    SMART Objectives are targets you have set for your business. They are SMART because they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  If your objectives for 2017 don’t meet up to the SMART Criteria, then there is a big chance you will encounter problems in the long run.

Am I missing anything or you have some awesome business goals to share, leave it in the comment box below and don’t forget to click the share button.

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