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4 SEO Mistakes Social Media Marketers Make

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been widely misunderstood by a lot of marketers. SEO is about getting your content to the right audience. When you have the right marketing plan and executed properly, you automatically take care of your search ranking. That being said, there are some mistakes social media marketer make when it comes to SEO. The four big SEO mistakes social media marketers make are discussed below.

1. Mistaking social media plan for SEO

High performing social media content and a high performing web content have one thing in common; quality. Content on social media with high engagement such as shares, comments, and likes should not be seen solely as a way to improve search engine rankings. Google will most likely pick up signals from a social media post but if the content doesn’t lead to your website, your websites rank on the search engines will be unaffected.  SEO is about your websites rank on the search engines and hence it is advised that you fuse social media and SEO together as part of an overall marketing plan to boost engagement, traffic, and reach. Do NOT focus entirely on a social media plan as a strategy to improving your search rankings.

2. Not sharing content strategically

Because SEO and Social media are to work together, it is important that you know which content to focus on when sharing on social media. When sharing on social media, it is not compulsory that you always post new content. Do some analysis on all of your past contents and find out which ones have performed best over time. Take into consideration, the type of content that has driven the most traffic, the type of content that has the most shares, the type of content that has the most engagement. These are the yardstick with which you decide on what content you should focus on sharing on social network.

Even as you share new contents, also share your old contents that you know your audience love to and want to interact with. Create your social media calendar and carefully fuse in both old and new contents.

3. Expecting overnight success

SEO is not magic. Don’t expect to implement a strategy and get immediate results. Many times social media marketers venture into SEO and when the results don’t manifest immediately, they get impatient and give up. In reality, SEO take time. If you must succeed in the business of SEO, you must be patient. You are not the only one posting content on the internet. With the large volume of content on the internet, you must understand that SEO goals are long term and not some quick fix. What you must do is consistently post quality content and build trust in your audience. Create quality backlinks and promote your contents. Brands that have very high search rankings didn’t get there overnight. When marketers understand this, it will be a lot easier to focus on their strategies and see it through.

4. Not keeping up with SEO advancements.

Marketers need to be aware of updates to search engine algorithms. SEO like all other marketing channels has evolved over the years. Algorithms such as Panda crack down on keyword stuffing so that a web page that has been stuffed with keywords may get a manual or algorithmic suspension. Algorithms like Penguin penalize low-quality links), and Hummingbird enables a deeper understanding of search intent.

SEO is evolving and it is evolving fast. Marketers need to be aware of this changes and modify their strategies accordingly.



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Tega Ogigirigi

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