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Leverage Conference 2016: BRACE UP

Blog    Leverage:

(noun); An influence which is used to gain an advantage

(verb); To exploit; take full advantage of something

Brace Up:

Phrasal Verb: To summon one’s strength; To be strong and courageous

Idiom: To prepare or strengthen someone or something to some challenges.

The theme of Leverage Conference 2016 was concluded upon in the late part of February. Even though the year was still fresh, I sensed some economic fog ahead. Actually, there has been a lot of signs since 2015.

Well, they said the economy is in recession. The truth is that while some are screaming about the recession, some others are living life like they are not in this country. Daily smashing goals and reaching new milestones. I believe the message we are bringing in this year’s edition of Leverage Conference is timely. BRACE UP!

In the midst of seemingly unfavorable economic circumstances, some business owners already reached their revenue goal for 2016 since the first half of this year. Here is something we need to understand. Even though we don’t have the best physical circumstances, with the right mental positioning, you can create your own reality. The most important place to develop strength is in your mind. It’s not about muscles but mental fortitude. The ability to think your way through.

At Leverage Conference 2016, we are going to address salient topics at the roots of our lives. We are dealing with the fundamentals that can make any individual take charge of life. Our experts are set to impart you with insights that will help you lead your life to fulfillment and ultimately become actively involved in nation building.

 Date: 15th October 2016

Time: 9am

Venue: Student Union Event Center, University of Ibadan.

If you are in Ibadan, or you will be in Ibadan during this period, find your way to the University of Ibadan. If you are in a neighboring town, you can show up. It won’t be a waste time.

Admission is free.

Head on to to register now.


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