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World class talent

Our work has meaningful impact on peoples’ lives and we offer a culture rich in continuous learning and opportunity. We want to develop a deep relationship with our all clients and we're always looking for new creative ideas to make our clients' lives easier.

Peace Itimi

Peace Itimi is the co-founder and digital marketing lead at Rene Digital Hub. She has over 4 years experience in digital marketing and is a subject matter expert, certified by the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland.

She has been involved in strategy and execution of digital marketing campaigns for brands across different industries including E-commerce, telecoms, hospitality, sports betting, education and more.

Peace is passionate about impacting knowledge, and trains for Google Digital Skills, Facebook for Creators Program, Orange Academy & Wild Fusion Digital Centre

Joyce Imiegha

Joyce Imiegha is a co-founder at René Digital Hub; she has a deep seated passion for growth and development with keen interests in the areas of business development, branding and public relations.

As a digital marketing, PR and branding strategist, she works alongside the digital and content marketing departments to strategize, develop and optimize effective marketing and communications solutions.

When she's not strategizing with the team at René, Joyce contributes her time and efforts to talent management and film making.

Mudia David

Osamudiamen Imasuen aka Mudia Davis has a passion for the visuals of technology, he is a UI/UX designer and a data analyst. He also has experience in Web design and development using CMS such as WordPress, while dabbling in front end development from time to time

With his understanding of design and the role it plays in enhancing a brand, he creates beautiful and appealing websites for Rene, aiming to satisfy the clients and bring their dreams to life.

Bringing a brand to life with appealing visuals seems to be what really excites Imasuen when working. While he is away from his laptop he is either trying out new food or exploring Northern Nigeria.

John Etokhana

Etokhana John has a vast amount of knowledge He mixes creativity and technology and experience to build the perfect brand.

As a Visual Designer and Brand strategist at René Digital Hub, he oversees the Visual Design Department, effecting a steady growth work culture and excellence in detail to every project.

He believes in working closely with clients to understand their goals to produce functional, attractive work. John loves what he does and wouldn't have it any other way.

Tega Gabriel

Tega Gabriel with a deep knowledge and passion for growth, helps companies expand their audience, grow their business and scale their profit.

As a Digital marketing strategist at René Digital Hub, he oversees the Content Marketing Department, affecting brand growth by implementing integrated marketing, communications, social media, lead generation, email marketing and SEO plans to achieve their goals

For Tega, being part of a brand's growth is the most rewarding part of his job. Outside of the office, Tega enjoys trying out new things like dancing

Kehinde Akinnusoye

Working at the intersection of product design and identity design, Kenny has had the privilege of working on projects for brands that include Google, Globacom, Eskimi, Mouka Ltd & The Branding Powerhouse.

Dabbling in industrial design, he started a project that hopes to maximise liveable space in apartments in Lagos.

Kenny sees the grand importance of design in even the most minuscule of details and how far it goes in making a difference.