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About Us

Our Story

In 2016, two young female entrepreneurs identified a gap between businesses and their target audience; that was the digital divide.

Known for proactiveness and as solution providers, Joyce (24 at that time) and Peace (20 at the time) decided to come together to marry their digital marketing and business development expertise to birth René Digital Hub; a Company that would help brands reach their target audience, communicate their brand message effectively in ways that resonates with their prospects, increase their visibility and very importantly, grow their market share.

And so, Joyce and Peace went to work - creating a brand identity that is Bold, Unique, Innovative, Lovable and Dependable and then identifying the key services that businesses need to thrive.


In the two years of our operations, Rene has grown beyond Joyce and Peace. Our team though largely remote (because digital bridges gaps) has grown to include more vibrant, ambitious, creative,& excellent young professionals in the field of design, web development, content and digital marketing.

We believe in limitless possibilities; we strongly believe that we are streams of incessant creative, yet feasible ideas and strategies. We are René Digital Hub and we will reignite your business.

Marketing In Digital Africa

The story of how Google inspired the journey that founded Rene Digital Hub.


Why Us

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Accountability


Our people are authentic, driven, engaging and passionate.

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