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How To Prevent Your Website From Crashing

Imagine this: Your big publicity moment arrives. You launched a new product and got the word out via your email lists, interviews, social media and press releases. Your phone has been ringing all day and your business email is full of inquiries. This attention is exactly what your business needs! Until you get that one […]

The Reasons Why We Rebranded

Welcome to René Digital Hub René [reh-NAY] | adjective: Reborn (Revive, Reignite) We Reignite Your Business; We bring fresh ideas and improved strategies to sustain and/or revive your business. Digital Hub | noun: An Effective Centre The term “Digital” doesn’t in its entirety explain what we do, but more of how we do what we […]

What You didn’t Know about Rebranding.

WHAT IS REBRANDING & BRAND RELAUNCHING ? Branding is key to a company’s long-term survival and market leadership… ”Rebranding and relaunching can take many guises from the complete change of a company or product, inside and out, including name, culture, values, behaviours, tone, visual collateral to something less dramatic and of a more evolutionary nature. That […]

The 7 Rules Of  Social Media Engagement

Engagement  refers to the response you receive when (and after) publishing your message. In social media specifically, users are engaged at a certain level if they actually read Facebook posts, tweets and blog posts. At another level of engagement, users actually interact with each communication by commenting, re-tweeting, Liking or sharing, as opposed to just […]

7 Ways To Maximize Instagram For Business

If you’re reading this post, you must have already realized one very important truth: Instagram is a critically important social network and when used right, can enhance the brand and market share of any business. This photo-sharing app is not only important for retailers, restaurants, travel companies or celebrities but as it has grown to become […]

5 Questions That Will Kickstart Your Social Media Plan

No matter what type of business activity you’re engaged in, social media is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition and generate more leads and customers. Businesses are starting to understand the value in social media marketing. Instead of going to search engines, a growing number of users prefer to make queries […]

Why You Should Pay More Attention To The Content Creation Process.

In my last post, I talked about the foundation on which marketing (in general) lay and how marketing in business cannot be overemphasized. Really, if marketing and advertising weren’t important, multinational brands wouldn’t spend millions every year advertising on TV, Billboards, Radio and on the internet and of cause, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram wouldn’t be […]

The R’s of Marketing

Successful CEOs would agree with me that Marketing is the bedrock of every successful business. Without the right marketing channels and strategies, there would be no sales and thus no profit. Therefore to effectively maximize your marketing strategies and get your desired results, you need to know the foundation on which effective marketing lays. These […]

The Five Questions Your Website Must Answer

The importance of a web page that gives information about your brand cannot be overemphasized, and so if you have a business and you don’t have a website, you are doing something wrong and missing out on great opportunities. Some key reasons why you must consider getting a website are: 1. Having a website and an active […]