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The R’s of Marketing

Successful CEOs would agree with me that Marketing is the bedrock of every successful business. Without the right marketing channels and strategies, there would be no sales and thus no profit. Therefore to effectively maximize your marketing strategies and get your desired results, you need to know the foundation on which effective marketing lays. These basics are what I call the R’s of Marketing.

Just before we begin, I want you to know that the art of marketing is not meant to be known by only CEOs or Founders of companies, marketing is for every entrepreneur, employee and employer. Whether you have a skill/talent or you just founded a start up, or your company is already making waves or you work for someone and you desire the growth of the firm; whatever it is that you do, as far as you need people to know about you or what you do or what you can do for them, you need to be vast in the art of marketing.  You need to know how to market yourself, your skill and or your business. And so, I congratulate you for opening this post, as you are about to learn the basics of marketing (Traditional and Digital Marketing).


1) Reach: Reach has to do with how big a net you are able to cast. It is how much of your target audience that your content is getting to. How many people see your ads? How many people read or watch your content? How many people are hearing about you? In developing your marketing strategies, it is important that you know how many people you want to reach, 1000 or 10000?

2) Relevance: How relevant are you to the people you are reaching? Are your ads relevant to them? Is it proposing a solution to any of their problems? Is your content entertaining or informing your reach? To drive interaction and subsequently sales, it is important you are not just reaching a large amount of people but that your message/content ad is relevant to bulk of the people your message is getting to. Relevance is the reason you put up a post on social media and it reaches 1000 people but you have likes and 2 comments. Relevance is what makes some people read your blog posts and move on while some comment and share the link. Relevance not reach is what drive sales; hence it is essential not only to know your target market and the appropriate demographics but to also put out the Right Message in the Right Way (tone, language et al) and at the Right time. Only then, can your content be relevant to the bulk of your reach.

3) Repetition: Putting out an ad once wouldn’t do the trick. To leave a lasting impact, to earn trust and loyalty, your costumers need to hear from you often. Optimum marketing results are products of consistent efforts. You must ensure that you leave no room for your target market to forget you. You must ensure that you are consistently on their faces and lips. NO! I’m not saying spam their mail boxes or flood their timelines, I’m saying responsibly and consistently put your brand out there.

4) Return of Investment: Reach + Relevance + Repetition = Return of Investment (ROI). The results of your efforts in reaching a large number of your target market and repeatedly passing the right message in the right way and at the right way is interactions and sales which produces profit (ROI).

Of the four R’s listed above; I must emphasize that your profit is not dependent on how many people hear about you, it is determined by the amount of people your brand is relevant to. You can send a message across on social media and it reaches a million people but if the content is not crafted in a way that is it relevant to the larger percentage of your audience, you won’t get nada.

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Written By: Peace Itimi

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