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Apps That Make Social Media Management Easier

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Recently I realized I don’t open my laptop soon often anymore and yet I get as much work done. How do I manage to do so? Good network and a Good smartphone (one with at the very least 1GB RAM size). My smartphone (nothing fancy) has enough RAM and ROM size to enable me to have all the apps I need to allows me to work on the go. And so on this post, I want to share my top five work apps (The apps every social media strategist should have).


1. Crowdfire: The top on my list is Crowdfire.

If you work with Instagram and Twitter especially in the aspects of followers, crowdfire it is. It allows you manage you twitter and Instagram account. My coolest feature is the white-list, with which you can add people to your white-list so you never mistakenly unfollow them and the copy followers too where you can copy the followers of a particular user. I like crowdfire because it offers insights into your audience. You can see your recent followers, recent unfollowers, people who follow you that you don’t follow back and people who you follow but don’t follow you back. It even helps you blacklist people you never want to follow, it lets you see your admirers and you can post (schedule or instantly) with crowdfire too.


2. Buffer: If you do Social Media, you must know Buffer.

It allows you schedule and posts on twitter, facebook, and Linkedin. Like seriously, with buffer, you can connect your facebook profile, group or page, your google plus page, your LinkedIn profile, page or group and your Pinterest acco8nt. All shades of Dope! You can schedule even retweets on buffer


3. Pages Manager: I love Facebook app because it allows you do everything you need to do on Facebook, it even provides a mobile ads manager feature…Just cool but for the sake of specificity, I use Pages Manager to manage my Facebook pages. With pages manager, you can do everything, boost posts, see insights, schedule posts… everything!


4. IFTT app: You know about If this then that (ifttt)? If you don’t, Google it. Ifttt has some apps, the Do Button app, the Do camera app and the IF app.. all awesome but I use the IF app… IF acts as a connector… it helps you connect your social media accounts e.g Facebook to Dropbox; Instagram to Twitter; Facebook to Twitter; Facebook to Linkedin etc. It helps reduce stress.


5. Repost app: Simply put, these days, it is almost impossible to do Instagram account management without reposting pictures and thus, the need for a repost app. The layout app is becoming a prerequisite in my book too… I just figured, instead of pic and picture collage and the rest of them, why not use Instagram layout feature? Or what do you think?

So there you have it… My most used and favorite social media tools. What are yours?



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