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April Fools’ Day 2017: 10 Pranks From Your Favorite Brands

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April Fools’ Day 2017: 10 Pranks From Your Favorite Brands

April Fools’ Day 2017 fell on Saturday this year, which left brands caught between wanting to roll out their hoaxes on Friday, to reach the millions captive at their work computers, or waiting for the big day itself.

Here at René, we’re going to share with you, various April Fools’ Day 2017 prank videos and images from yours and our favorite International and local brands that came out on Friday, and also on Saturday and throughout the rest of the weekend. Have a blast while you’re at it!



Airbnb pulled an AFD prank with an invention called the ‘Humanless Host’. Here’s their description of the invent below:

“We at Airbnb believe in the future of convenience. Where products and services are smart, and take care of all the little things, so you don’t have to. That’s why we created Humanless Host.”



Doritos a brand of flavored tortilla chips pulled another one yesterday by putting up a picture of Doritos branded bottled water on their Instagram page. The caption read:

You’re 60% water, make every drop of it bold. Try new #Doritos water.”

See image below:



Most of us are probably getting used to Google’s habitual April Fools’ Day pranks. The company uploaded a video introducing Google Play for Pets, a new category of games, apps and training tools to keep your pet stimulated and busy all day.

Watch the video below:


McDonald’s invented the Micro Mac for its April Fools Day prank. A great video I must say; the Micro Mac cheese burger was specifically created for people who are just a tiny bit hungry.

You’ve got to watch it!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is the new Dreambird 1417. Virgin Atlantic revealed its plan to build the Dreambird 1417, a new aircraft that flaps its wings like a bird. Ridiculous right?! Well, I enjoyed the analysis of the airplane and eventually got to see the Dreambird 1417 in action.

You need to watch it!



On Friday, Google announced the creation of a new interactive product, Google Gnome, an Alexa-like sassy gnome. Call it your very own smart personal assistant.

Nice video!


The thrill of the drive isn’t just for drivers. Introducing BMW dDrive, the automaker launched dDrive dog basket, a dog bed that simulates the thrill of driving on the open road.

Great video!


The popular soda brand released Coke Helium, a helium carbonated beverage which would be Perfect for parties. The helium carbonated drink adds extra fun, whilst keeping the great taste of Coca-Cola Classic. The development of Coca-Cola Helium is in response to findings that consumers want to combine their drinking moments with entertainment.

I got fooled by this one and hoped it was real 🙁 Click Play!


The candy makers are launching a new underwear range for men Sknickers. Weird video I  must add 😐 Click Play!


In Canada, the chain has released the KFC Bucket, introduced The Bucket – the first ever voice-activated delivery system and smart dining assistant. The finger-lickin’ future is here.


EXTRA: Big Brother Naija

On Day 69 of the on-going Big Brother Naija show which happened to be April Fool’s Day, Housemate and Head of House Bisola conspired with Big Brother to prank the other Housemates.

Big Brother called Bisola into the diary room where they both connived on how to FOOL the other housemates. She then stormed out of the room crying and making the others think she had just been disqualified from the reality show.

Marvis and Bally didn’t seem to take it too well; and the others? You need to see their reactions.

Watch here:


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